Desayuno y decisiones

I was released from university on May 4th on good behavior.

As the summer began, I was most excited for my study tour to Nicaragua. This study tour allowed me to complete my Spanish minor, have an unforgettable experience and become a better person.

I’m eager to transcribe all of my experiences, musings and thoughts of being in Central America. My transcription will begin as all good narratives do, at the beginning- with breakfast.

Traditional breakfast in Nicaragua consists of pinto de gallo- rice and beans, plantains, other fruits and coffee! (non-traditional options were frequently available, but no me prefiero)

The selections are simple and they are wholesome. I love rice and beans anywhere, any day but especially in Nicaragua. I also had the sweetest, ripest and most delicious pineapple, plantains and watermelon I had ever tasted.

The citizens of Nicaraguan consider Matagalpan coffee to be the best in the world, and I humbly agree.

Breakfast in Nicaragua embodies how I want to live. Simple and whole- without artificiality or frivolousness.



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