La revolución

It is inexcusable and almost impossible to visit Nicaragua and not learn about the revolution. The revolution began in 1979 and ended in 1990. The Iran-Contra Scandal: The US government portrayed Nicaragua as a Communist nation that threatened United States democracy. The implementation of this fear tactic empowered the US government to support international terrorist groups … Continue reading La revolución

Taking the Lead

Question: Kalen, how are you going to be a leader of our time/. Answer: By taking risks. The social norm is conformity, isolation, apathy, and self-promotion. Those are things that divide society, promote prejudice and stratification. In a world that celebrates only looking out for yourself and living in fear of others, I want to care … Continue reading Taking the Lead

caller id and convo

As a millennial- I don't like answering my parents' house phone. The call is never for me. Telemarketers are as stubborn as I am and are always selling something. Answering the house phone requires me to leave the oasis of my room. So last Wednesday, though I was already perturbed that the phone was ringing- … Continue reading caller id and convo

Desayuno y decisiones

I was released from university on May 4th on good behavior. As the summer began, I was most excited for my study tour to Nicaragua. This study tour allowed me to complete my Spanish minor, have an unforgettable experience and become a better person. I'm eager to transcribe all of my experiences, musings and thoughts … Continue reading Desayuno y decisiones

Sometimes You Say I’m Just a Friend

“A ny man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell toils; it toils for the.”  Jonne Donn I can grin when I am alone, I sometimes cry in solitude, I create my daily agenda, I can create and I can complete homework. I … Continue reading Sometimes You Say I’m Just a Friend

Though I’m Wrong, I Write

I think critically, I share my thoughts and I grow. I better utilize my strengths and I am more aware of my weaknesses. I enjoy studying cultural competency and the importance of diversity. Though I condemned echo-chambers in my last post, I  realize that I may reside in an echo chamber myself. How can you say, ‘Brother, let me take the speck … Continue reading Though I’m Wrong, I Write

The Restrictions of Religion

I hail from Muskogee, Oklahoma- the county seat with a population of around 30,000 kind, traditional and somewhat conformist individuals. I had 114 in my graduating class. Of these 114 people there was little religious/ spiritual variety. Last weekend in a conversation with my mom, we discussed how most students and staff from my high … Continue reading The Restrictions of Religion