Imma Get Write Witcha

I have been on a hiatus of sorts. I have been present- functioning within this 4-Dimensional sphere in which I've constructed a life, but I have been absent from my blog, the the 2-Dimensional world in which I process, learn and transcribe the inklings of my soul. I miss writing. I talk all day, but … Continue reading Imma Get Write Witcha


Boy, I think dey like me

In Sociology last week we studied self-perception. I learned there's: The ideal self: Who a person would like to be Self concept: A person's perceptions and feelings about him or herself, personality, strengths, weaknesses and relationships with others The real self:  Who a person actually is Dem Franchise Boyz eloquently verbalize how I perceive I … Continue reading Boy, I think dey like me

Good Days//Bad Daze

TBH- I think I'm a friendly person. I love people, I'm approachable and I live to hear a good story. And for the Hilldale Senior Class of 2014, Kalen Russell was voted Most Spirited Despite my better qualities and good intentions, I have my vices, my worries and my weaknesses. Sometimes I'm dazed by bad … Continue reading Good Days//Bad Daze

Phenomenal Women

Black womanhood is multifaceted, resilient and inspiring. I am a Black woman and I love who I am. I love the Black women who raised me: my mom, my aunt, my grandmothers, older cousins, family friends, church elders, anyone who has resembled me and lit a fire within my core to press on. Phenomenal Woman … Continue reading Phenomenal Women

Don’t Hate the Player

Last Thursday marked the beginning of football season for the UCO Bronchos. #RollChos I enjoyed the game per the usual: wearing school colors, talking to friends, cheering for the team and taking Snap Chats. I pay less attention to the actual content of most sports than I care to admit, but rather find myself engulfed … Continue reading Don’t Hate the Player

Do it for the culture

Culture: the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; also the characteristic features of everyday existence (as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time (popular culture, southern culture In appreciation for the Migos' album Culture, my obsession with analysis, summer and instrospection, I present … Continue reading Do it for the culture

The Road Not Taken

It is safe to surround oneself in the familiar. To eat the same food, hangout with the same friends, speak only one language and develop a life full of predictability. Predictability creates consistency and reduces discomfort and potential for failure. But predictability robs my of contentment, fulfillment, wonder and sense of accomplishment. I like changing … Continue reading The Road Not Taken